For people living under a rock, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the art/science of optimizing websites and web pages to rank higher in google index.

In Morocco the industry is still really small, so knowing anything about SEO is a really big plus.

Why do you need to hire an SEO in Morocco?

Following the digitalization Policy pursued by the Moroccan government, and with more than 25 million internet users, a digital presence is essential.

Imagine being a dentist in Casablanca and ranking for “Dentiste à Casablanca”, isn’t that a great thing? That would drive hundreds of leads to your business.

Hiring an SEO is crucial, He/She will help you bring new clients constantly and for free, just set it and watch the money coming in.

The Cost of SEO in Morocco

SEO is an emerging field in all over the world, and in Morocco too, this created a lot of competition among SEOs. The price of SEO in Morocco goes from 3000 DH to 30000 DHS depending on the keyword and the project. But for your local business it shouldn’t go pass 5000 DHS.

Hiring a Good SEO is critical, you want your results to be delivered and fulfilled, with the best price possible.

Local SEO in Morocco

Ranking locally in Morocco shouldn’t be that hard for an SEO expert (Like me lol), However, you should be able to maintain your ranking over time, because competitors will try hard to over rank you.

Generally to rank in Morocco you should focus particularly in:

  • Creating a verified GMB
  • Link Building
  • Good On-Page SEO (Keywords, Structure, internal linking…)
  • Technical SEO (SSL, Site speed, Canonical urls…)

How much important is SEO for your Business in Morocco?

Competing with big businesses marketing in TV stations and spending hundreds of thousands of Dirhams in Facebook advertising and influencers is so expensive and will drain your pocket before seeing any results whatsoever.

That’s where SEO comes, it is a one-time fee, and results are astonishing if it is implemented correctly.

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